Seal the Deal with Vacuum Brick Pack Bags: Elevating Your Packaging Game with the VHS-V Series of VFFS Automatic Machines!

Elevating Your Packaging Game

In the robust ecosystem of packaging, vacuum brick pack bags have revolutionized the way products are stored, preserved, and presented. Here is where Alter-Pack, with its impressive 15-year tenure in the market, has meticulously carved its niche, offering unparalleled solutions across North America.

The Importance of Vacuum Brick Pack Bags

Imagine opening a package of your favorite coffee beans, only to be greeted by a burst of fresh, aromatic bliss. That’s the power and promise of effective vacuum sealing, preserving freshness and extending the life of products. Alter-Pack has been at the forefront, not only embracing but innovatively advancing this technology, assuring products reach consumers just as the manufacturers intended them to.

How Vacuum Sealing Preserves Quality

Vacuum sealing, a technique that Alter-Pack has mastered and innovated upon over a decade and a half, meticulously removes air from the package prior to sealing. This process not only preserves the product but also safeguards it from external elements, ensuring that the quality, freshness, and integrity of the product are uncompromised.

Application Across Various Industries

In its 15 years, Alter-Pack has witnessed and facilitated the application of the VHS-V Series across a multitude of industries – from food and beverage to pharmaceuticals, ensuring that every sector reaps the benefits of this technological marvel in packaging.

The Competitive Edge of Using VHS-V Series Machines

Delivering solutions across North America, Alter-Pack has not just been a witness but an active participant and pioneer in elevating businesses by providing a competitive edge through the VHS-V Series machines.

Boosting Productivity

Enhancing productivity is no longer just a desire but a necessity in the competitive market. Alter-Pack, leveraging its VHS-V series, promises not just a boost in productivity but a surge, ensuring that your packaging processes are not just efficient but also remarkably precise.


In a marketplace where every detail counts, Alter-Pack, with its extensive 15-year journey, has seamlessly blended technology and expertise to deliver top-tier packaging solutions across North America. The VHS-V Series stands testament to this, offering businesses not just a machine, but a reliable partner in preserving, protecting, and presenting their products with unparalleled excellence.

It’s not just about sealing a package; it’s about sealing a promise of quality, freshness, and unwavering reliability. And in this, Alter-Pack has successfully and consistently delivered, one sealed package at a time.


  1. What has been Alter-Pack’s pivotal role in the advancement of VFFS technology?
    • With 15 years of expertise, Alter-Pack has significantly shaped the VFFS technological landscape by prioritizing innovation, reliability, and quality in packaging solutions, especially through the acclaimed VHS-V Series.
  2. How does Alter-Pack’s 15-year experience benefit its clientele?
    • Alter-Pack leverages its rich experience to provide tried-and-tested packaging solutions, ensuring reliability, durability, and industry relevance, thus offering businesses a seasoned partner in their packaging endeavors.
  3. In which industries has Alter-Pack made a significant impact with its VHS-V Series?
    • Alter-Pack has propelled advancements across various sectors, including food, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods, by providing them with sophisticated, efficient, and reliable packaging solutions via the VHS-V Series.
  4. How does vacuum sealing with VHS-V machines ensure product freshness?
    • The VHS-V machines meticulously extract air, forming a tight seal that barricades the product from external elements, ensuring long-lasting freshness, and protecting it from contaminants and oxidative reactions.
  5. Can businesses customize the VHS-V Series machines according to their specific packaging needs?
    • Yes, Alter-Pack prides itself on providing adaptable solutions, ensuring the VHS-V Series machines can be tailored to meet the diverse and specific packaging requirements of different businesses across various sectors.

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