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Integral equipment solutions for Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical industry. Specially designed machinery for numerous type of single serve packaging including products containing CBD and THC ingredients. FDA and CFIA compliant equipment for products derived from cannabis raw materials.


Alter Pack Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of packaging machinery and equipment in Canada and the United States, working with some of the largest food, beverage, and pharmaceutical service and manufacturing providers.

We understand the relationships between producers, their products and required packaging machinery applications

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yogurt and ice cream packaging

powders and grains packaging technology

Coffee Capsules

Jars and Bottles

Stand up and Zip

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We exclusively distribute high quality products and services that are inimitable on the North American market today.  We have amongst the largest selection of packaging machinery and equipment to date. The machinery and equipment have been tested for safety and are fully customizable to meet your needs. Our knowledge and expertise in the area is unmatched and inimitable. Our strength lies in our ability to enhance operational efficiency and to reduce production costs.

Buy directly from Alter Pack Ltd., you get more than just machinery and equipment. You receive support from people who know your industry and its needs inside out.

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Located in Toronto, Canada we have fully equipped

over 20,000 square feet of building space occupied by professionals who are passionate about delivering the best service, every machine, every time. 

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We specialized on high quality inexpensive rigid and flexible packaging material. All of our products certified and approved for food contact according to the CFIA and FDA standards. Safety is our priority.

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381 Bradwick Dr. Unit 1, Toronto
ON, L4K 2P4, Canada
Tel. (416) 731-3740

E-mail: info@alter-pack.com

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