ZETA-M VFFS bags and pouch

The various packaging applications include:

  • Free Flow Powders: Sugar, Salt, Pepper, Spices, Flour, Semolina, Milk powder, various sorts of powders, etc.
  • Granules & Seeds: Coffee beans, Cocoa, Rice, Sesame, Seeds, Small Granules, Nuts etc.
  • Dry, Frozen & Processed Foods: Snack foods, Cereal & Health Foods, Confectionary, Biscuits & Bakery,
  • Pasta, Nuts, Dried fruits and vegetables, Frozen Vegetables, Dried Mushrooms, Pet Food, etc.
  • Non-food: Detergents, Plaster, Talc, Chemical additives, Small metal/plastic items, Bolts, Washers, Auto, Electrical and Plumbing Parts etc.

Specification and terms:
1. All product contact parts is made 304 stainless steel.
2. The price is not including the delivery, and base on FOB Toronto Canada.
3. Production time: 90 days after signing down payment.
4. Terms of payment:

  • 50 % – With PO
  • 40 % – Upon acceptance at our plant.
  • 10 % – 30 days after delivery and installation.

5. Quotation is valid for 3 months after sending.

After service:
1. The system have a one year for guarantee, we will repair the damaged accessory within the expiry date, customers should bear the courier fee.
2. The price is not including the testing and maintain door to door service charge of domestic and oversea.
3. We will provide technical support lifelong and provide accessories persistently.
2. Details and specification of PMX Vertical automatic packaging machine

* The newest popular compact design with very strong construction.
* Film pulling system controlled by servo motor.
* Pneumatic sealing system;
* Precision building and running to reduce waste;
* New compact design allows more application and saving rooms.
* The way of bag making: the machine can make pillow-type bag and standing-bevel bag, punch bag or according to customer’s requirements.

Technical parameters

Items Content
Capacity 20-60 bag/min
Bag size (L)120-400mm (W)120-300mm
Bag type Pillow-type bag
Film material Laminated film or Single layer PE film
Max film width Max 620mm
Film thickness 0.04-0.09mm
Air consumption 0.8Mps 0.4m3/min
Main power/voltage 2.5KW/ 220V 50Hz

PMX main electric parts

PLC Mitsubishi
Control panel 7 inch touch screen
Photo sensor Sick
Servo motor Panassonic
Air switch Taiwan Zheng Tai
Relay Omron
Solid state relay Taiwan Yangming
Circuit breaker Schneider
Emergency button Schneider
Wave filter China made
Fuse Taiwan weiming
Air Cylinder Taiwan Ya de ke
Gear Motor V.T.V
Magnetic valve SMC

Example of whole mobile packaging system include:

1. Feeder
2. Bucket elevator Z type.
3. Multihead weigher.
4. Mobile lifter platform.
5. ZETA M VFFS machine.


The new mobile platform is height adjustable by electric motor, to allow you to lift the weighing machine from ground to any height you need (customize height);
Four wheels are equipped on the feet, you can move the complete unit from one to another place, like washing area for cleaning, engineer’s workshop for maintenance etc.
Further more, you can move this mobile unit from one to another production shift without delay.


Lifting height: 1800mm (customize)
Lifting control: Electric motor
Dimension: 1900×1300×2000mm
Voltage: 220V/370W