Transfer Pump A-9

A-9 transfer pump suited for a broad range of paste, cream and liquid products. Gently transfer any viscosity product with out broken stricture.

  • Transfer product directly from the mixing bowl to hopper.
  • Extremely gentle process, which prevent broken product structure.
  • Optical control sensor, which allows the pump automatically keep product level.
  • Elevation lift technology allows use any height type bowl or drum.
  • Simple design for quick and easy clean-up.
  • Pump made at highly sanitary design with stainless steel structure.
  • Two options available: flexible hose pipe and SS hose pipe.
Model A-9
Material Stainless steel #304
Capacity 900L/hour
Height (down position) 1596 mm
Height (up position) 2596 mm
Voltage AC 220V, 1 phase, 50 Hz.
Power 0.75 KWH
Machine weight 200 kg.
Dimension (packed box) 2050mm(L)X1350mm(W)X980mm(H)
Packaging Wooden box