Fully Automatic rotary type  filling and conveyor type capping machine design for fill liquid and paste products into wide range of consumer request  jars and  bottles with cupping twist off  aluminium lids, suitable for glass containers volume up to 1000 ml. Patented lids cupping system get opportunity use one machine for different containers diameters and shape with out adjustment. Dosing system have high accurate volumetric measuring filler.


  • Container height 50-260 mm.
  • Twist off lids diameter 43-82 mm.
  • Production speed 50 per minute.

Product: Paste / Jam/ Salsa / Sauce / Dressings / Honey

The BETA-M is Fully Automatic rotary type Filling and Capping Machine based on digital mechanical, combined with pneumatic assemblies. The BETA-M filling and capping machines are suitable for packaging liquid and paste products into glass jars and bottles of various size and shapes. This packaging machine can be used for jam, sauce, paste, dairy products, dressings, salsa, cosmetics and much more.


  1. This machine is full-automatic piston type liquid and paste filling machine.
  2. All pneumatic elements “FESTO”(Germany)
  3. PLC control system “OMRON”(Japan) user-friendly touch screen interface.
  4. Filling bulkhead is leakage-proof, prevents from high froths.
  5. Positive Nozzle shut off design.
  6. Stainless steel construction AISI 304
  7. Filling volume and speed is adjustable.
  8. The adjustment of the machine to different container sizes is fast and easy.
  9. No container no filling system.
  • Power – 208-230 V, 50/60 Hz ,3 ph.
  • FLA 25 amp
  • Power consumption 1.5 KW
  • Air pressure 0.5-0.8MPa
  • Dosage adjustable ± 50 gr.
  • Filling accuracy ±2﹪
  • Container high 50-260 mm.
  • Twist off lids diameter 43-82 mm.
  • Machine dimension 2500x1500x2000 mm.
  • Machine wight 800 kg.
  • Production speed 50 per minute.
  • PLC control OMRON (Japan)
  • 6″ touch screen monitor.


  • Fast  and easy ajastment to other jar diametre
  • Extension of the discharging conveyor
  • Labeling equipment integration
  • Varying data coding devices