• Packaging Material: All Type of heat sealable materials, perfect for pouch shape: side seal bags, three side seal bags, gusseted bags, pillow type pouches.
  • Bags size:W:80~250 mm. L:100~300 mm.
  • Filling Volume: 5-2500 g.
  • Capacity: 130-150 bags/min depending on type of product and packaging materials used
  • Accuracy: Error≤ ±1%
  • Total Power Consumption:  2.5 kw
  • Application: Any type of products, with different fillers can be solid, powder, liquid.
  • Dosing Assembly: MHW 16,18,24, Volumetric filler, Auger filler or Peristaltic liquid pump.
  • Full automatic high speed bagger suitable for filling and sealing any type of products. Safety guard protected for consistent production. Heavy duty components and parts are selected for machine durability. Hygienic construction and easy cleaning (wash down construction on special request). Operator friendly design touch-screen control system.

Versatile in design, easy to link up with other downstream packaging equipment such pump, metal detector, check weigh, case sealer etc. Innovative and practical solution at reasonable costs.