1. Performance: Servo Driven Fully Automatic In-line Type Cup Filling  Sealing Machine.
  2. Output: 240-320 cups per min.
  3. Product: Powder
  4. Cups: Compatible with K-cup for Keurig, Nespresso, Lavazza.
  5. Fillers: Up to 4 independent filling station.


SDX 6-8 line model is full automatic k-cup/nespresso coffee/tea filling and sealing machine 240-320 CPM. Machine can be equipped with pump filling station for SBD oil or additional auger filler for powder active ingredients. Heavy duty constructed, stainless steel surface, extremely reliable.

Machine able to be modified to fill and seal different type of pods like “K-cup®”, “Upshot®”, Nespresso, Lavazza, etc with and without filter inserting option. Servo drive auger filler suitable for various of powder products: coffee, tea, hot chocolate etc.

Also available lower speed model  SDX-1 (30 CPM) and SDX 4-6 line

Full automatic 6-8 line filling and sealing machine SDX series with speed production up to 320 CPM available into two modifications:

SDX- R with roll stock film cut and seal option

SDX- P with pick and place device for precut pre-print foil

Additional Options

  • Servo motor drive in line machine.
  • Automatic vacuum transfer feeding system with permanent Nitrogen level.
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 constructions include frame and electrical box.
  • All electronics parts: PLC, Touch screen, Servo motor, Temperature—“OMRON” Japan.
  • All pneumatic components: “SMC” Japan.
  • All electrical parts and components: “Schneider” France.
  • Servo motor Auger filler with PLC control.
  • Robots station for ready cup positioning.
  • Roll stock cut/seal or precut aluminum foil sealing.
  • US and Canada safety standard.
  • CSA, UL, FDA, standard compliance.