1. Performance: Servo Driven Fully Automatic Rotary Type Cones Filling  Sealing Machine.
  2. Output: 30 cones per min.
  3. Product: Cannabis
  4. Filling volume: 0.2 – 2 g.
  5. Cones size: 60/30 – 140/26


Enhancing Cannabis Production Efficiency with Full Automatic Joint Roller Machines

Fully Automatic joint roller machines play a crucial role in boosting the efficiency of the cannabis industry’s production process. By automating the rolling of pre-rolls, these machines save time, cut labor costs, and ensure the production of consistent and uniform pre-rolls, elevating the overall quality and customer satisfaction of the final product.

Producing High-Speed Joints Safely and Efficiently with Turbojoints Machine

High-speed joints can be safely and efficiently produced in large quantities with equipment like the Turbojoints machine. Prioritizing safety and quality in the production process is essential to ensure the reliable and consistent delivery of the final product.

Why Opt for Alter Pack Industrial Pre-Roll Filling Machine?

Choose the Turbojoint RS series for a fully automatic filling and sealing machine designed for producing cannabis weed joints with pre-roll cones. With servo motors driving rotary-type machines at 30 CPM, this equipment allows you to reduce production headcount by up to 80% while still ensuring accurate weighted pre-rolled products.

  • Machine can produce x 20 times more preroll than manually.
  • Less labor cost for the final product.
  • Our equipment is about 40% less cost than competitors on the market.
  • Accuracy joints weigh less than 4% adjustable filling volume.
  • Two sealing methods…flat top and twist.
  • Easy and quick changeover hopper for cannabis.
  • Adapt for all sizes and brands cones.
  • Easy for clean to prevent cross contaminations.
  • Full service including delivery, installation, training and warranty.

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Full automatic rotary type Pre Roll Cones filling and sealing machine.

Turbojoints RS-1 Drawing:

Automated pre-roll machine

Additional Options

  • Servo motor drive Rotary type machine.
  • Automatic Cones Continually loading System.
  • Cones air deployment Station.
  • Horizontal Screw Fillers with Volumetric accuracy.
  • Homogeneous Compression System.
  • Twist Sealing or Flat Top Sealing Options.
  • Ready Joins Rejection Station.
  • Air Cleaning Station.
  • Stainless Steel AISI 304 Construction Include Frame and Electrical Box.
  • All Electronics Parts: PLC, Touch Screen, Servo Motors, Temperature control—“OMRON” Japan.
  • All Pneumatic Components: “SMC” Japan.
  • All Electrical Parts and Components: “Schneider” France.
  • US and Canada safety standard.
  • CSA, UL, FDA, standard compliance.